Japan Drone2018

What is Japan Drone 2018?

The first of its type in Japan, Japan Drone specializes in exhibiting drones for both business and individual uses.
After its successful debut in 2016, Japan Drone will be held for the 3rd time in March of 2018.
Throughout the first two years,
participants of Japan Drone include companies that partake in various parts of drone development and manufacturing,
as well as both business and private users that wish to utilize drones in the future.
As a result, this exhibition is the perfect place to gather and exchange information on anything drone-related.
For Japan Drone 2018,
event theme will be “ comercialization of drones, including expanding our scale and content pertaining” to this topic. In addition,
we also plan to have conference held by central figures of the drone industry from around the world in this exhibition.
Please use this opportunity to not only promote both your company and your products,
but also gather information and establishing networks and sales relations with Japan’s drone industry.

  • International Conference

    Top-class lecturers from both within and outside of Japan will gather and lead the conference.

  • Events during the Exhibition

    The Best of Japan Drone Award will celebrate and recognize the respective tops in the drone industry and be held in conjuction to other events during the exhibition.

  • The Exhibition

    As this is a specialized exhibition, all visitors have a clear reason and goal for coming to Japan Drone, with more than 70 percent of visitors playing a role in the purchasing decision of their companies (Attendee Survey from Japan Drone 2017).

  • Promotion outside of your individual booths

    Areas such as the exhibitor workshop (free) or the exhibitor flight demo space (paid) are available for you to demonstrate the appeal of your products.

  • Event promotion activities

    Promotion of the exhibition will be conducted through many different mediums and the media to ensure that a great number of visitors will come to Japan Drone.

  • Marking and Promoting Options

    Additional options such as sponsorships as well as additional event marketing items are available for companies to utilize at their own convenience.

2017 Statistics

The second annual Japan Drone 2017 recorded approximately a total of ten thousand visitors.

Total visitors
Sclae of exhibition
Number of drones displayed

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Events and Conferences of 2017


The Drone Innovation Seminar (paid), a seminar led by world class specialists that includes an analysis and overview of the domestic and international drone market will be held in addition to the basic seminars at Japan Drone.
The goal of this seminar is to establish a program capable of responding to numerous departments and requests, a place to receive in depth knowledge and information and to introduce new companies that may be interested in incorperating drones into their business model in the future.

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Concurrent Event

In addition to the Best of Japan Drone Award, a B to B event established to recognize those services and products that have had great contribution to the industry or have high expectations for their future release, other events such as Drone Movie’s Competition and Drone races are also open to private exhibitors to join and participate in.

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The Host Organizations

  • JUDA
  • Congre Corporation
  • Space Media Japan

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Contact Us

Japan Drone 2017 Secretariat Office

Phone: +81-3-3512-5672 E-mail: