-What is Drone Business Challenge Plus+?

This is the open pitch contest for everyone not only from Japan but from the world for the purpose of encouraging the development of the drone industry.

Since it is an open contest project to the world, we will accept applications from overseas as well as from Japan.

Under the cooperation of Drone Fund, we will present "Best Challenge Award" to excellent ideas and will be subject to support for commercialization.

We are very looking forward to receiving the applications from you!

-Who is the organizer of this contest?

It is organized by JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association) and co-organized by DRONE FUND (An investment fund project for the drone industry)


  • Start-up Section (The applicants should be the registered commercial organization)
  • General Section (Anyone or any projects can apply)

-Application Requirements

  • The applicants for Start-up Section should be the organization within 4 years when they started the business.
  • The application paper can be both in Japanese and in English.

-Review Standards

  • Creative and Innovative plan
  • Quality and Specification value
  • Contribution to the technology or to the market
  • Passion of the applicants

-Applications Accepting Program

  • Please send the documents by email or file transfer service to the show management below.

-Application Period

From November 20, Tuesday 2018 To January 18, Friday 2019.


  • Yasuhiro Senda
    (JUIDA Executive Vice President)
  • Kotaro Chiba
    (Drone Fund Founder/General Partner)
  • Soki Ohmae
    (Drone Fund Co-Founder/ManagingPartner)
  • Shintaro Takahashi
    (Drone Fund Chief Public Policy Officer)
  • Daisuke Imai
    (Drone Fund advisory board/ Asratec Corp. Robot Evangelist)
  • Toshio Tachibana
    (The Japan Research Institute Director and General ManagerReseach & Consulting Division)

-Time Schedule

Start to apply November 20, 2018
Judging Committee meeting February 2019
Nominees Announcement Early March 2019
Final presentation and selection of the prizes March 14, 2019


  • Best Challenge Award
  • JUIDA Award

-About the copyrights and the treatments

The intellectual property rights of the applied idea belong to the applicant.
The organizer shall assume no responsibility of the problem arising in relation to intellectual property rights. Applicants should be responsible for all the property rights.

Please note that winning ideas may be published in whole or in part at the discretion of the organizer and may be announced for public relations by various media.

The idea to be entered shall be the original of the applicant himself, even if it is possible to apply for other contests etc.

The award may be canceled If it is found out that the entered idea infringes the intellectual property right of the third party, or if it is the same as or very similar to the other (another company) idea already published, after the announcement of the award.

-Contact Information

Drone Business Challenge PLUS+ Secretariat Office

Contact Us

Japan Drone Secretariat Office

Phone: +81-3-3512-5672 E-mail: